Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hair Today - Ojon Tomorrow. Hair Illiterate opinions.

Let's get this very clear, I am totally incapable when it comes to hair. I home dye it, I cut it badly myself and I style it there's a laugh for a start myself. I don't own a hairdryer or straighteners! I often tie it up on the top of my head and that's it done for the day.
The reason for telling you this, is basically so you know that when I write about a hair product, it has to have had some extreme follicle effect for me to write about it or even care. 

I am hair illiterate.

There are three products that have recently made me sit up and take notice, THREE!

First, Ojon Revitalising Mist Original Spray, the smell alone was enough to get my hair interested, quickly followed by the head on who the hair sat. Blue Agave, lemongrass and ginseng gave my hair life back, hydrated the ends of my in need of a trim hair and helped with the tangles that occur from too many top knots. It also helped with the fly away hair I get, often when newly washed and living by the sea, not conducive of nice hair.

This product can be sprayed before blow drying, it doesn't leave a sticky or stiff residue.
It can also be sprayed on after hair has been washed, comb through and style away or just leave hair to do it's own thing.
It really is a great product when hair just needs refreshing and you haven't time to wash it, totally freshens hair and puts life back in to it.

PRODUCT INFO: 175ml - £20 


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