Monday, 29 July 2013

NARS - VELVET MATTE LIP PENCIL - kissable loveliness.

Lip pencils can either delight or disappoint,
Nars have achieved the perfect texture in the matte lip pencil and the colour is a stunning red called Dragon Girl. It is a delight from start to the scrubbing of the lips to get it off!!! 

The application is soft and this makes the drawing of the colour on to the lips easy. The colour pigment is strong and is exactly what you see in the pencil. Although matte, this does not dry the lips at all, even after a days wear there was no flaky particles, my lips felt fine, though I am not sure how it work if you wore the pencil for several days?
I did not need to reapply the product, it did last all day, you could by late afternoon see vaguely where I had been drinking but not enough to need more applying.

Then came the removal of the pencil, oh yes, it's there to stay. I double cleanse and it's a good job as it took a double cleanse and a good rub with a flannel to get it all off. Eye makeup remover would be a good option too and is great for lipstick removal.

Overall, I loved it, the colour, texture, staying power and the price is reasonable too. 

I shall be browsing for more of these.

The Matte pencil is £17.50 and can be found at

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