Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Summer Lipstick for Winter?

The weather is certainly affecting the colours I put on my face. It's all smokey eye and dark lips, today was different, trawling through my lipstick drawer I suddenly had the urge to go coral, not at all a cold weather colour but why not? I love that seasonal changes affect not only fashion but cosmetics too and cosmetic companies often take their lead from the fashion catwalks. It all starts to get very glam and full on this time of year and I could always rely on my former employers, Yves Saint Laurent to produce fantastic dark, rich and smokey colours for the festive season. Today I just felt like lifting the mood and though it felt strange using a colour that in my head represents summer and warmth I still liked the affect. 
So be brave and don't always be the sheep and follow, be the shepherd and lead, wearing coral lipstick. 

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