Friday, 18 October 2013


Could it be magic?

I enthuse about most things beauty, the child in me gets very excited and I love it and then I get a little bored and onwards I charge to the next thing that gets my beauty pulse racing.

I have the need however  to share with you my love for an affordable (£9.99 - on offer in Boots for £6.99)foundation from L'oreal. 

Where to begin? Well this is very watery and a little and I mean a little goes a long way. I've read and watched reviews on this and don't let the consistency scare you, you either pop your finger over the top of the bottle and tip a small amount out and dab onto the face (as recommended), or pop a little on the back of your hand, no problem. 
Application works so well using fingers, which enable blending into all areas of the face, especially around the nose. I have also found using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush works exceptionally well and really works the product in, the fibre brush also means no product is absorbed and it all goes onto the face. I love using make up sponges but don't bother for this, the sponge will soak up the foundation and you'll lose the novelty of ease of application, also you'll end up having to add another layer and another!

Coverage for me is medium to heavy but not only does it not feel as though you have anything on, it doesn't look it, totally natural but my skin looked even and polished. 

Currently there are six shades and I have found that the names that are usually a good indication of how dark a colour is in this case are misleading, I went for Beige Rose 190, a pink toned shade and the correct shade for me currently, normally I would find anything beige too dark, but the shades are fairly light. Check the shades carefully, the colour you see is exactly the colour that transfers to the skin. 

This non pore blocking product, gives a stunning finish to the face, the consistency means its easy to work with and apply. For people who love the natural look it is perfect and for those who like polished perfection this is also for you.

L'Oreal have created a marvellous product and for me this is Magic!

* six shades
* 20ml
* £9.99 on offer at Boots for £6.99
* and in-store also

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