Wednesday, 6 November 2013


After much excitement and I am sure it wasn't just me, I got my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. 
Available from
£70 for 50 ml


The product is there to treat, transform, moisturise, lift, define and smooth. With collagen boosting ingredients, hyaluronic acid and floral oils to help it work it's magic, there were and are high hopes for this hallowed jar of wonder.


*The packaging, I know how it looks has no influence on the results seen on the skin but I just love the art deco, vintage feel and look of all the range. It really feels and looks like a pot of cream from the pre-war years. 
*It has SPF15, so skin has protection each day, though I still use a separate protection product, this is great for anyone who hasn't the time or inclination to worry about extra this and that.
*Hyaluronic acid - anything that captures moisture and retains it is a winner for me.
*Gorgeous rich texture without feeling gloopy and heavy on the skin.
*Lovely finish when absorbed into the face, certainly my skin looked smoother and there was a healthy glow that made my skin at least look plumper.
*Works well as a base for make up
*A small amount goes a long way and its worth working the product down the neck and to the chest area.

I really like this product, I can see the results and certainly my skin looks better for using this Magic Cream. I wouldn't claim my face looks more defined or lifted but it has certainly got a smooth, hydrated feel to it and looks healthy. I would definitely think about a repurchase of this product.


*It's seventy pounds, if you can afford it and skin care is your only vice then give this a go.

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