Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Traitor to red lipstick!

A day I never thought I'd see, I mean this is the stuff of Hollywood movies. Well, maybe the stuff of beauty bloggers but it's major. I have a signature look, since my late teens I have worn red lipstick, orange reds, true reds, blue reds, lip gloss reds, matte reds, shiny reds, plumping reds and lip liner reds. 
I blame Rimmel, they have ruined me, altered my view of things and mostly created the Apocalips lip lacquers and ultimately the shade APOCALIPTIC! The thing is this is a pink shade, pink! I don't do pink, coral on occasions, nude shades when lazy but never pink. Then this lip lacquer which I've had a fair while kept rolling around in my lipstick drawer and begging to be applied, so I did and I really love it now. Pink, my red lipsticks are now forlorn and tossed aside as I reach for this pink perky shade. 

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