Wednesday, 11 December 2013

EYEKO Skinny Mini Eyeliner - my thoughts!

Is there anyone out there that doesn't desire the perfect feline flick? or that full Cleopatra kohl line fashioned by the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor? I mean seriously, any make-up fanatic has tried to draw on that perfect line and it's either hooked you or you've given up and thought it's not worth the shaky hand application and the tendency to scrawl right up to the brow, especially when you sneeze.(FACT: applying mascara, creating a smokey eye, drawing the perfect feline flick, in-fact anything eye related will result in a sneeze at exactly the wrong moment.)

I love eyeliner, I love a thin line, thick line, neat line, scruffy line that needs blending. I love liquid liner, gel liner, pencil liner, eyeshadow as liner, pen liners, I like a feline flick whether it be delicate or full on. 

Ultimately it's the gel liners I use, usually with a Louise Young liner brush or an angled brush which gives a nice edge to the eye, I often use an angled brush when applying pencil liner too and take the colour from the pencil and apply from the brush - so much neater and easier. 

Why my Eyeko review - I get lazy, it happens A LOT, I wanted to draw on my eyeliner quickly, without worrying about angles and stopping and starting the line. So I looked towards the basically, felt tip pens. 
This particular item was a freebie from Glamour magazine, so I wasn't too worried if I didn't like it, which I didn't really. 

The good points:

*Very strong, striking black shade
*Smaller size, means it's a nice cosmetic bag or clutch size

The Not So Good:

*Runs out as applying line, which makes the line look staggered and messy.

*Not easy to blend with a brush to rectify messy line.

*The nib became quite tatty with bits on it and this made application difficult.

*Nib was too thick for subtle line

*Became dry very quickly, once on to second eye it was too dry to apply a continuous line. 

I had added this to my handbag make-up bag and it was ok for updating an existing line but it really didn't last that long and soon dried out. I have found another liner, which I am still trailing, plus I had a few suggestions when I uploaded my YouTube review, so I shall continue my search. 

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