Thursday, 12 December 2013


6 shades

At first my feelings about Hourglass Ambient powders were not positive, I just couldn't see what all the fuss was about!

I had decided that no shine and a moonlight glow was needed so made the choice of Ethereal Light - at £38 these are not to be bought lightly, they need to prove their worth. This sheer powder looks nothing special, almost white in appearance it doesn't have the wow factor and I think with a sinking feeling I applied it and just felt it was like any other powder out there. 
Then I noticed that the powder didn't sit on my face, it skimmed over my face leaving a subtle veil to my finished make up. I was still however unsure.
After reading further into these powders I began to understand their purpose further and chose another one that I felt would suit my skin tone and give me a softer finish. Dim light was a great choice, I love the finish and I always notice on photographs in particular how flattering these powders are, no caking, heaviness or accentuating fine lines, just a flattering softer finish. 


ETHEREAL - sheer, cool tone, no shine, moonlight glow effect.
DIFFUSED - warm, pale yellow, helps reduce redness
DIM - soft beige, warm & cool tones, blurs imperfections
MOOD - lavender pink, brightens, forgiving light effect
LUMINOUS - champagne shade, candlelight effect
RADIANT - golden beige, gives warmth to the face

I don't feel the need as yet to update my collection as the powders I have do the job. I will replace the Dim light powder but since there is little way of even make an indentation, this could take a while!

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