Friday, 11 December 2015

BEE GOOD, Lip Balm with a taste to it!

Did I notice anything other than the word chocolate on this prettily packaged lip balm from the delightfully named Bee Good brand?
I admit chocolate was high on the list, although the little bumble bees alight over the Raspberry and White chocolate lip balm are too cute not to notice, packaging with a buzz!
The unique detail about this balm is it's origins, after running a competition for a new flavour of balm, beauty bloggers were given the opportunity to suggest their ideal combination. Beauty Vlogger Joseph Harwood's suggestion of fruity notes of wild raspberry with the hint of white chocolate won the day and it hit the shelves in Autumn 2015. 

Lip balms are an all year round product for me, ideal for lazy days, when makeup is minimal, perfect to prep the lips before applying lipstick and essential during the colder months. 
Flavoured balms are such a treat, they just give that extra buzz to a product. 
This handbag, clutch bag, in your jeans pocket tube is the perfect combination of treatment and luxury.
The raspberry and white chocolate* offers a repairing and conditioning formula that also soothes dry and chapped lips. 

This has been a delight to use, not only does it condition my lips, which is essential through the winter months, with the heating on my lips dehydrate quickly and flaky skin on the lips isn't attractive.  It's an all year product if you are a continual lipstick wearer like myself, matte lipsticks and covering your lips in liner just makes the lips so dry and they need to be in peak condition for all that pouting, this gives the lips a raspberry kiss nourishing base with a hit of white chocolate for that final application of lipstick. 
A lightweight product with all the goodness from our buzzy friends, honey, propolis, beeswax and without parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colours etc. 

Perfect to keep lips in kissable condition (George Clooney may decide to pop in for coffee), with the added lip smacking delight of a sweet flavour. 

Now to Bee Good and see what flavour I can add to the collection.

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