Tuesday, 1 March 2016

In The Red with Ciate

For me red nail polish is the norm, I have decorated my nails for over twenty years in various hues of red, with the occasional glance at pink and a huge love for Chanel's Rouge Noir during the Winter months.
So when I happened upon two bottles of the same shade from Ciate, I felt the universe and other places were hinting it may be time to share this shade. 

By the time the second bottle of Ciate paint pot in Mistress landed at my door, I knew it was time to share this orange/red tone. My box from The Libbie Club and Instyle magazine both supplied me with a red that is perfect for Spring and through to the Autumn months. The red tones often fading to orange depending on the light. 

The Ciate Bottles have always reminded me of old Cutex nail polish vessels of the 70's, long tops and large bulbous glass bottles containing strong smelling nail colour (my mum often suggesting I didn't get too close, such was the velocity of the strength of the potion within). 

Ciate offer a great selection of colour and they are such an iconic brand - they have even joined the land of makeup but for me they are nails.

Mistress applied evenly, I like the control with the long handle and the brush has a good length and width, which gives me full nail coverage in three strokes. I always like to apply a second coat and then to finish with a fast drying top coat. 
With a shine and hardness, this colour has a good lasting time and certainly adding a top coat will make a difference. 

Gorgeous colour and with two paint pots, I will be painting my nails for months to come. 

My Libbie page is offering the Ciate Mani Mini Must Have Kit for £30, normal price is £36 and you receive a free Mistress paint pot (just click on My Reviews and Read More), join me in painting our nails red. 

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