Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Libbie Club - beauty in the know.

Having filmed a YouTube video I wanted to add more details about the Libbie Club, a sister company of Latest In Beauty

(As promised, an update, you now pay a fee of £20 and that's it, the requirement is that you need at least one sale to continue receiving the Libbie box, which is stated at number 4 in the list of how it works but they make sound more friendlier. I state here that there is no pressure by me to buy at all from the site, if you choose to do so that is your decision, I am not completely happy as they aim your focus on sharing information and love of products, as ever it is about sales which makes complete sense of course.)

You can apply as I did here.
Although I believe the method of application may change soon, I filled in my details and experience, then you are either accepted or not. 
I paid no subscription fee and I am not paid, sponsored or obliged to feature any products I receive other than to post reviews to my page on the Libbie Site. It is my decision to share them over the rest of my social media, as I would with any purchased products or PR samples. 

Here's how it works (taken from site)

Just click the link here to my page, click My Reviews, Read More and there you can access the full review and many offers on skincare, hair, body and colour. 
There is no obligation to buy, you can read the review and decide for yourself. 

For me this was an opportunity to continue working with brands by a different method, share my knowledge through a new site, for me.  Also a chance to share some great offers, beauty can be expensive, so saving a few pennies is always welcome. 

(All products pictured were in the March Libbie Box)

Post contains affiliate links.

Samples, gifts, GWP or pr samples may feature, all opinions, puns and sarcastic comments are my own.

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