Friday, 29 July 2016


We have yet to leave July behind but Libbie Club have been super organised and my August box has arrived with some exciting goodies to try. 

First out of the box is the brand Indeed Labs, they of the famous Hydraluron. This time, it's the often mentioned Nanoblur, giving high definition skin in second. This cream can be applied to moisturised skin if you're not planning to wear makeup if you are then pat it gently over foundation for that camera ready look. 
This light diffusing skin care works on lessening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and enlarged pores. 
I find it quite a mattifying finish to the skin, when applied over foundation and it really holds colour to the face, be warned, less is definitely more when you have this on your face. I find cream products work far better over this than powder, which can collect and gather, especially around the eye area. 
My plan is to try it under my foundation and see the results, I'm not one for following instructions and would like to think it may not mattify as much if used beneath. 

Nizz Cosmetics are as fascinating as the name, developed by a beauty buff, these are vegetarian, hypoallergenic, paraben free lip colours. Using Fair Trade oils, butter and waxes, the lustre range offers a smooth and creamy finish. The quality is high, both in results and packaging. 

Lovely nude shade, Rose Lustre is gorgeous and really coats the lips well, even a cup of coffee didn't scare it away. 

From Korean Beauty brand, Mizon, we have their Placenta Ampoule Cream, this contains 1,500mg of placenta extract. No animal products are used in this cream instead, nutrient rich plants are utilised. Created to give skin the optimum hydration, thereby plumping fine lines and wrinkles, also the brightening of the skin or whitening, which is very popular within Korean skincare. A lovely textured cream, that absorbs without leaving a matte base. 

All products will become live and available to purchase from 1st August on my Libbie Club Page. 

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