Monday, 29 August 2016

Libbie Club - September Box - one of the best!

I have tried so many new things thanks to the Libbie Club, brands that are new to me, products that I have hankered over for many a month and I love that it's not just the review opportunity, I get to share these products, often at discounted prices to anyone interested. 

The month of September has certainly started well, the choice of products are superb, especially in the form of the Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta extra strength daily peel treatments, I have been looking at purchasing these for so long and here they are. 5 treatments in a box two sachets to use each time, couldn't be simpler. Sachet 1 is the exfoliator, unfurl the square cloth and work over and around a cleansed, dry face. Keep sweeping it around until it dries out and then wait 2 minutes before working sachet 2 over the face in the exact same way, this is the neutralizer. 
Blended with 7 acids to give skin radiance without irritation, these cloths aim to fight those pesky signs of ageing uneven skin, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. 

A completely 'new to me' hair brand, Paul Yacomine. The packaging I love and my first use of the Micro Treatment Oil was wonderful, such a small amount worked through my clean damp hair gave me smooth and very healthy looking and feeling locks, it also protects from styling, sun and any damage. The Microfinish gives a beautiful sheen to the hair. 

It appears every brand now, well nearly, has their version of Hyaluronic Acid and Evolve offer 200mg to plump, hydrate and give skin life back. I used Hyaluronic Acid religiously at one point but found too much of a good thing isn't always what my skin wants or needs. Now I use the product as and when, more as a topical treatment, rather than a part of my everyday skincare. 
This Evolve bottle will give me plenty opportunity to plump the skin, 30ml goes a long way. 

All products will be featured on my Libbie Club page and these and further products may be purchased from the site, often at a discounted price, right, time to wash the hair and get on with my skincare. 

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