Tuesday, 1 November 2016

THE LIBBIE CLUB - November Box

Ah, November, the poor relation to December, we wait for the 1st and that's it, we are all thinking about Christmas. Even the Libbie Box has a couple of festive offerings in their November box.

The festive duo is provided by The English Soap Company with their Pure Soy candle and soap duo.
The Merry Christmas scented pair are quite subtle and make a change from full on spicy fragrances that are common for candles this time of year. Both are packaged in Robin adorned boxes and are the perfect gift. The subtlety of the candle I quite like, intense fragrances can be headache inducing, so this is a welcome change and no nasty black smoke from the pure soya. The soap is very soft in its floral glory, perfect as a gift without the presumption of persons tastes in fragrance. Also a lovely addition to the guest bathroom, the aroma is welcoming. 

What The Libbie Box do so well is to introduce brands that are breaking through and featuring across beauty social media and publications. Lola MakeUp is quite visible at the moment and I was pleased as (rum punch) to have a solo eyeshadow from the brand to try. Glorious in its warmth of shade, a lovely bronze with a satin finish that works as a natural colour but can be layered to achieve an intense smoked out look.

Isla Renew Foot Scrub could have done with this when I was working the retail shop floor, just the smell of the lemongrass and rosemary has me breathing a sigh of relief and relaxation. Formulated with rosemary to soothe those aches, sweet almond oil to soften those pesky areas of dry skin and the delightful anti-bacterial lemongrass which cleanses and protect. This is one product you do want to put your foot in!

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