Sunday, 4 December 2016

8th Day Of Christmas - The Libbie Club for December

I am always thrilled when the Libbie Club Box lands, there is such a great range of brands and products, I can't wait to delve in. 

One brand I am always thrilled to see is The Hero Project, they have a bi-phase eye makeup remover, don't forget it's also great to remove lipstick too. With natural cornflower and chamomile, this lifts away eye makeup with ease, no rubbing and spreading product all over the face. Ingredients help condition the skin and lashes, so nothing is stripped. It is a pump dispenser, so you place cotton wool over the pump and depress it, two pumps is enough, even for a lot of makeup. Most importantly for me, it is suitable for contact lens wearers.

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A new brand to me is Wonderland Cosmetics, I couldn't help but notice that the Studio Finish primer was rather similar in packaging to another rather famous primer, no names mentioned!
This oil free primer gives makeup longevity, superb for oily skin, this creates an undercoat for makeup to adhere to and see you through those Christmas parties and long hours at work (people in retail, I feel your pain).  The tiniest amount works well, too much and it does feel sticky and rolls with certain bases. Depending on the base I am using, I either apply and then go in immediately with my base, pressing it on, rather than sweeping or I wait a second or two and then apply the base. The heavier the base the sooner I apply it, but, it does vary. I adore the smoothness this primer gives my skin, really gorgeous feel and look to the skin and makeup stayed well, it held it's pigment and tone especially across the centre of my face, where it can fade. 

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Finally Viviscal, a brand I have heard and read great things about, never tried it, so, was thrilled when this Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir was nestled amongst the shredded black innards of the Libbie Box. This leave in treatment is the secret to thicker, fuller hair, my hair is longer this year but, it is also thinner, the wonders of ageing. I love it helps to lessen hair fallout, I have always moulted like a dog and the longer my hair, the worse the problem is, this I hope will help. Light-weight in consistency, so, as not to weigh hair down, this is perfect for fine hair, like myself and can show results after one use, I haven't seen any major difference but my hair feels better and looks more vibrant. I love it can be used on damp and dry hair. 

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