Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Libbie Club Box - 2017

Libbie Club has really started the new year with one of the best boxes and choices of products they have produced. 

MOA has one of the best presented, packaged and useful products I have come across. From the cardboard tube to the substantial bamboo cleansing cloth to the green balm hidden within. This opulent cleanser removes the heaviest makeup, I would suggest using an oil cleanser after the initial use of this to ensure all residue is lifted from the face. The beauty of this balm is its multi-purpose use, great for hydrating localised areas of the skin. One of the best products I have used by far, soothing, skin friendly and a great cleanser, what more could you ask? 

Currently with 10% off,  Now £15.75

Mineral makeup is a popular choice and there are very familiar brands out there, but, finding a new brand to me, is always a delight and with Lin & Lo, this is exactly the situation. 

This UK brand has produced this long lasting, smudge proof mascara. The brush is a good size and holds a nice amount of product to coat the lashes and give them a lift at the same time. Superbly black, this gives an intense look to the lashes and coat after coat just makes them look better. 

20 % off, £15.99

I do love mixing my own masks, the stirring, measuring aspect is a love and you don't get that with ready to apply masks. Laila London gives me the chance to blend and the highlight for me (yes, I am this easy to please), a wooden spoon to measure the right amount. Containing natural ingredients, this Lavender and Chamomile has been developed to soothe and detoxify the skin. Beautifully smelling, easy to use and it's a Pinterest-worthy product and spoon too. 

£14.40 now, that's 10% off here

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