Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Beauty Empties or The beauty of empties!

I can only speak for myself on this matter but I feel that a few beauty bloggers, obsessives, makeup/skincare junkies out there will be nodding in agreement when I declare that the beauty of beauty empties is that I have actually used up all of a product! 

If like me, you get tempted and by tempted I mean you buy products you really don't need and already have three anyway, the reality is I rarely get to the bottom of my make-up. Truth be told usually it's the smell that forces me to throw products because I've had them so long that the musty waft of non use takes over.
It's easy to work through shampoo, shower gel etc but often skincare and make up are replaced with new things and into the bathroom cabinet half empty bottles are shoved (the space is already limited, so SHOVE really describes what occurs in my cabinet.)

After collecting products for my first YouTube empties video, I felt determined to use more things until they were finished and not buy anything before then. Of course I failed - Christmas was lurking in the near distance and buying gifts online was fatal - one for my friend and one for me. 
My second empties video just after Christmas, brought on by the irritation of the Aesop bag containing the empty items banging constantly on the bathroom door, gave me the ideal lead into a New Year and an attempt (I don't do resolutions, I do attempts).
So, my attempt is to use products, use them up and then and not until then will I repurchase the item or buy something else. 
Let the attempt begin, hopefully my empties will feature a greater selection of make-up and I can plan what to buy next!


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