Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a sample of the GlamGlow masque. 
So tonight with the aid of my trusty Chanel mini brush to apply the masque - I applied and waited for it to dry. 

There I was, masque drying and trying my hardest to not smile and ruin the masque - hard when your boyfriend finds it amusing and has a mission to make you laugh!

I removed the masque with a flannel soaked first in warm water, it recommends rubbing the face in circular motions to remove it, I chose not to do this and just to soak the masque off gently. 

After a few minutes of carefully removing the masque, my pores were less visible, my skin was smooth, it was slightly red in places and felt tight initially. I sprayed Caudalie onto my skin. 
I was a little concerned at the particles contained in the masque, even carefully applied and removed it was still scratchy. 

I have another sample to try - and I will, my skin feels lovely but I don't want my skin scratched. 

More to come ............


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