Monday, 24 March 2014

I only needed cotton wool!

Cotton wool, that's all I needed, simple, easy to get hold of and your done. All it takes is a quick nip into a local Boots or Superdrug and ......well.....I just get caught up in all those pretties and I'm off madly, delving into the makeup shelves. 

Cotton wool, yes, got it! 

But...... I need to dye my hair three weeks on Wednesday, so better grab one of those. I haven't nearly enough Rouge Noir dupe nail colours, I'll just pop that into my basket. Eye palettes, not sure the vast array I have at home will suffice, so let's add another - thank you Barry M, it's cheaper than most, so I don't feel as guilty. Collection concealer, what if there's a world shortage? I mean how will my dark circles and I go on? Just pop the light shade in my basket. 
I pay, leave and am happy with my little haul. 
But I ask myself, will the day ever come, that I actually only buy what I need ? 

A day in the life of this beauty obsessed, makeup loving blogger. 


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