Sunday, 6 April 2014

BARRY M Natural Glow Palette / Shadow and Blush

After viewing these online and having my interest pricked by the fact that there were no thumbnails of the actual colours! Imagine the joy when I had the chance to actually see testers and the colour choices. 
For me, the only palette I felt was really me was the Natural Glow Palette. 
This palette contains six natural eye shadows and a pastel pink blush.

Firstly the packaging isn't fantastic, but to be fair it's sturdy enough to keep the shadows and blusher protected. 

The first shade isn't what I would expect in a palette, usually it's a neutral, cream shade. This is a Violet, soft mauve shimmer colour, not a colour I would apply to my whole eyelid but ideal as a central highlight on the lid. 
The second shade is a matte cream shade, ideal for use over the whole eye area, mobile lid or to highlight the brow bone.

The third shade is a matte brown, I use this over my mobile lid and it can be used as a liner beneath and along the lash line.
The fourth shade is very similar to Naked Palette 2's 'pistol' shade, perfect shade for defining the socket area and lining the eyes. A good shade for creating a different look smokey eye. 
Again the fifth shade resembles the shade 'suspect' in the Naked palette 2, a wonderful golden shade that works superbly as an inner corner colour for the eye, it also works on the inner half of the eye and as a middle part of eyelid. 

The last of the shadows also has a look of the shade 'busted' from the Naked Palette, it is a stunning dark brown shade, this colour cries out to be smoked onto the eye, it can be used as a liner below and above the eye. 

The blusher is super pink and thought I had my doubts originally, I can only say it is perfect and really sits nicely on the face. It warms the cheeks and gives a perfect pop of colour. 

For me, this is an outstanding palette, the colours are so strong and although there is fallout from the shadows, once in place, they are there to stay. Not a crease, no loss of colour, this palette is majorly impressive, for the price of £6.49 - just buy one and check out the summer limited edition from Barry M too!


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