Monday, 21 April 2014

OMOROVICZA - Deep Cleasning Balm

Deep Cleansing Balm
50ml / £46

My love of cleansing balms is no secret, the fact that I basically rant on about cleansing constantly is a huge clue, then I witter about double cleansing and then I am constantly uploading videos of hauls that contain cleansing balms after cleansing balms. 
When I think of balms, they are gooey, butter coloured and well, not grey in the mud coloured sense of the word. 
This nightly cleanser which promised to remove my makeup super fast certainly caught my eye, and since my new mission is to find a greater choice of cleansers to add to my collection, this was next on my list. 

The Jargon;

*Natural extracts
*Contains minerals from Hungarian thermal waters and mud.
*Includes Pannon Complex that helps cheat the way to beautiful skin, (this unique formula is credited to Omorovicza and it apparently enhances the body's ability to recognise a good thing, in the case of this product the vitamins, minerals and clays contained. 
*A black oily balm that draws out impurities and clears congested pores.
*Zinc, Calcium, Copper and magnesium boosts the synthesis of collagen and strengthens the skins barrier. 

How To Use;

*apply to face and work into the skin with circular motions
*once it turns oily it can be taken up to the eye area
*once all makeup is blended away this product should be wiped off, NOT WASHED (vitamins and minerals should be left behind)

My Thoughts;

*nice packaging
*odd colour - which makes you feel it's going to be a clay mask
*Changes into an oil that works perfectly over the skin 

Swamp, that was my first thought as I dispensed with the cute 'spoon' and dug a digit into the grey mass. It really was gloopy, grey and swamp like. I can't define the smell, it smells grey!, I know, but that's the best I can do. However, nearly all was forgiven on application, once worked around the skin the balm transforms into an oily consistency, which can then be worked around the eyes. It really blends, lifts all makeup,  and when removed with a cloth that wipes the excess off but leaves the good stuff behind, my skin was smooth, glowing and looked very fresh. 

It's been a good few weeks now since I introduced this into my routine and I do like the results, my skin feels smooth and looks brighter. I don't use it nightly as it is expensive but I have rotated it into an extra treat for my skin over the weekend. 
I especially love the feel of the product as it liquefies on the skin and I work the product around my face, it really feels like a great facial and makes me work the product well into my skin and this really leaves my skin super cleans, glowing and brighter. 
I would repurchase this, credit card self destructs!


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