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40g - £55

Product details from the Harrods website

This fast-foaming, exceptionally gentle friction-free exfoliator soothes and moisturises while retexturising the skin. 

Apply mornings and /or evenings 1-3 times a week after cleansing. Work into lather and smooth onto moistened face, concentrating on problem areas.

  • Rinse-off foaming exfoliator powder
  • Leaves a moist sensation after rinsing


Easy to use powder, when tipped upside down this gives you just the right amount to cleanse with. I must admit it resembled washing powder, I was tempted to give a few white collars a rub with it. 
Once water is added it doesn't exactly foam but develops into a smooth paste which I am happy to say does not strip or leave the skin feeling tight or dehydrated after rinsing. 
I found my face to be smooth and obviously brighter.

This can be used either morning or evening and the Japanese are fans of double cleansing - so evening would appear to be the appropriate time for this product. 
I have only used this as part of my morning routine so far, and it's been a weekend treat for my skin, Saturday and Sunday mornings are powder cleansing mornings now. 
I am unsure how I feel generally about powders, especially as I am so familiar with my Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser. Maybe it is just the familiarity of the product but I shall certainly be trying the new Diptyque facial cleansing powder, which is lower in cost and shows that powders are slowly arriving into the skincare world. 

The question was, how would this work alongside my balm cleansers in the evening, it would need to be tried out as a first and then second cleanse.
Can a powder ever replace a balm, of course cleansing milks were all the rage once and balms were the spawn of Satan.  

After much deliberation and alterations of my skincare routine, I have found this works best for me as part of my morning routine, it's quick, easy to use and my face feels smooth and clean after use. 
It worked fine as part of an evening cleanse but only after the first stage of using a balm. For me I preferred the relaxation and thorough facial effect of using two cleansing balms on an evening rather than balm and powder - but that's just my  preference. 

I have grown to like this cleansing option and with the added exfoliation process, I do feel my skin shows the signs of the products work. 


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