Friday, 4 July 2014

60ml - £85.00

From a sample pot I learnt to love this product VERY quickly, my goodness was this superb for me and my skin. 
I had comments twice about how I looked when I used this and I have to say I did notice my skin was perkier, brighter and makeup loved this as a base. 
The texture of this product I tried to describe in a YouTube video badly , it's Sudocrem meets Icing sugar, (told you it wasn't my best description - but I stand by it.)

This cream absorbs and leaves skin smooth, glowing and radiant, seriously I couldn't believe how quickly I noticed a difference. 

After using up the sample, I decided to review the product on line and discover more about this pot of loveliness, at least for me it was.

It fuses Alguronic Acid (which is a mix of algae extracts which claim to have anti-ageing benefits) with plant derived collagen and microalgae oil, these together help combat dryness and dullness - well, I certainly noticed a brighter skin!

Then the reading got interesting, as I am sure you are all aware our bodies naturally product Hyaluronic acid which depletes as we age, the ingredient listed in this moisturiser Alguronic Acid was found through tests done in commercial labs to not be present in human skin naturally and also to inhibit the production of Hyaluronic Acid by degrading the enzymes by up to 67%!

You can imagine my interest, I am a fan of Indeed Labs Hydraluron, it has been a staple of my skincare routine for so long and yet I saw quicker and more obvious results with a product that uses an ingredient that may inhibit the production of the naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid. 
For me the questions are ever growing and it made me think reading the above information. 
The fact I saw a difference was a positive for me, I wouldn't use only this moisturiser time and time again, so I am not overly worried. At the end of the day, people do far worse things to their skin and one labs findings are just that! I did purchase a full size pot of this product and I will let you know if my views change. 


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