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This has been a post in waiting for quite some time as I have had a love/hate relationship with this product, I've finally found a way that works for me but I wanted to give it a good go and be the most honest I can be, sorry it's taken so long. 

Bourjois very rarely put a foot wrong, they produce some of the best foundations I have ever used, their little round blushers are iconic and pigment packed, so I had high hopes for this much anticipated addition to their colour range several months ago. 

Here were the dupes in my opinion for the Hourglass matte lipstick, a velvet matte finish lipstick that once applied was there to stay, so did Bourjois nail the matte lip for me?

Firstly there is a lovely colour range over six shades, really nice compact design with a doe foot applicator for great precision application. Lovely strong pigment, what you see in the tube is replicated on the lips. 

Sadly I was disappointed, I adored the colours I chose Frambourjois (a dark pink) and the glorious Hot Pepper ( as red as red can be) but I didn't find them long lasting at all. I applied them and left the colour to basically set on my lips as the Hourglass one does but after a drink I found the colour broke up on the lips and left an unattractive outline on my lips. Reapplying was not a success as it sat ok in the areas that had lost their colour but where the original colour had remained it look creased and caked. 

I have found patting the colour onto my lips with my fingers works better for me but still the colour isn't anywhere near as long lasting as others out there. 

Hot Pepper and Frambourjois are great shades, I just wish they would hang around long enough for others to see it! 

After many weeks of glaring and avoiding using these, I decided to face my demon head on and find some way of working with them. I love the colours, I love Bourjois and finally for I've found an application method that works for me, I apply alot of the product, leave for several minutes and pat another layer of colour over, this gives me a reasonable long lasting coverage. It's not the Revlon Lip  Matte Balm but it's there for longer and Hot Pepper is the top of the longevity list. 


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