Wednesday, 9 July 2014

GLAMGLOW - Glorious mud!
50g - £39.99

There is always a new kid on the block, this was 'it' a while ago and I resisted the temptation until I received a couple of samples and liked the results on my skin - so into the bathroom cupboard it went. There it stayed until the time came to have a clean out of the cabinet and guiltily I realised that I shouldn't have bought it if I wasn't going to use it! smackmyhand

Jargon Time:

*10 minute facial in a jar
*Stir before use and then apply a thin layer
*Leaves skin radiant, glowing, smooth and brighter
*Gentle resurfacing exfoliation
* Absorbs impurities without removing natural oils
*Protects against free radical damage
*Tingling tightening effect
* DO A PATCH TEST - especially sensitive skin
* Paraben free and suitable for vegans

My Thoughts:

It makes my face tingle and also it makes me feel very hot, especially on the cheeks. 
As the masque dries it becomes very tight and actually I have thought that if I could get away with foundation over the top I could almost look 25 again, everything is lifted and tightened. 
Once removed and this takes quite a bit of work, the lazy option is to jump into the shower but I prefer to use cloths and work the product gently off my skin. 
It certainly leaves my skin smooth, bright and glowing. I do get slight redness around my nose, which disappears fairly quickly. 

I do feel the masque needs following with a deep hydrating masque, although I now go in with a facial oil first, then a serum and then throw a masque over the top and off to bed I go. 

I do like this product but feel the fuss isn't quite necessary, I feel Origins Clay Masque gives similar results, but without the excessive feel that my skin is crying out for hydration after. 

I shall stick with Origins in future, although the GlamGlow Masque won't go to waste - I will use it but I am not adding this to my vast re-purchase list. 


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