Saturday, 9 August 2014

Boots No7 Shade & Define Eyeshadow Pens


Soft, creamy, long wearing/lasting eyeshadow pens, that apply perfect product for the eye-line or a wash of colour on the lids.

First Impressions;

Great choice of colours, 8 to be precise. 
Simple packaging, with a propelling action.
The pens are shaped to a point, which make it a perfect shape for achieving a lovely line. 


Firstly and I know this has been said before, but having a couple of By Terry Ombre Blackstar Pens, I can honestly say these Boots beauties are a definite dupe and £20 cheaper to boot. 

I have the shades Coffee Bean and Glistening Ray, both are creamy and apply easily to the eye lids for that perfect wash of colour. Once applied the colour stays and there isn't a crease in sight. 
Also perfect for eyeliner, especially if you want a natural looking line, rather than an intense black line. 
Again, once applied it stays in place. 

Coffee Bean is perfect for a subtle day time look and it can be intensified for an evening, smokey look.

Glistening Ray is lovely to highlight the inner eye corner and give brightness to the inner eye lid. 

I did have a problem with both pens initially as they wouldn't propel from the casing, once angled they worked perfectly, that is my only gripe.

They may not have the gold glamour look of By Terry but they give the same finish, long lasting, strong pigmented colour and a great price too. 

I will definitely be buying more. 


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