Monday, 29 September 2014

30ml - £30.00

A primer that hydrates, so many primers I have found to be drying on the face and certainly not conducive to creating a flawless finish for makeup. 
So this having been highly rated and raved about, got my attention eventually .
I do go through fazes and certain products become my obsessions and then I am on to the next thing. 
Primers have always been a question mark with me, I've sold them, used them, not used them, not missed them, missed them, gone back to not using them and so it all starts again. 
For me the discovery of the typically expensive Hourglass Primer converted me back to primers, it really was THAT good. 
I find they work better when I don't use them everyday, the novelty of them works better, when used day after day I think we lose sight of what the product is actually doing. 

This is obviously a product to be applied before foundation, it is a gel consistency (I am not a fan of the texture - just a personal thing but ugh),

it comes with a spatula for ease of collecting the product and then I use my fingers to press the product into and over my face.
Ensure your moisturiser has absorbed into the face, if you apply the primer too soon it does lather on the face.
The primer reforms in the jar, rather like a child's gloopy science experiment, the novelty of this still amuses me.

There are times I wonder whether another stage in makeup is really necessary, as I have said there have been primers that made me go wow, but it often feels like there is never ending array of products to apply and that's before makeup gets in on the act. 
This certainly didn't feel drying at all and my makeup looked dewy all day, my skin felt lovely and even with a whacking load of make up caked on, just to test it out, this really made a difference.  At these times I of course feel another step is necessary.

I think there may be a wow product in the making here!, it's a totally different texture to anything else out there. I love the fact that for once this is a primer that doesn't demand a matte finish, we don't all want our inner glow suffocating.
Make up works well over the top, while skin feels dewy and hydrated, it stays in place. 
Though I don't use this everyday, housework doesn't need perfect makeup but a day out, then this is a welcome extra to my routine. 


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