Tuesday, 23 September 2014

RIMMEL - Brow Gel & Mascara


Wonderfull Mascara with Argan Oil

Brow Gel - Brow This Way

Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick/Thin Liner

I do wonder why companies produce so many varying mascaras and why so often?
Rimmel appear to have a never ending array of new launches when it comes to eye products and even I couldn't miss the new brow gel and Argan Oil mascara.

The wand is one of those pesky plastic wands, which although they don't clog and have a large amount of product on them, they often don't put quite enough product on the lashes for me.
It certainly does separate and lengthen the lashes but there is no bulk or false lash aspect at all.

The brow gel which was almost impossible to find as the darkest brown (there are three shades) was obviously the popular choice as it was constantly sold out. Finally an early morning soiree into Superdrug gave me the chance to grab one of the two remaining on the shelf.
I love my Benefit Gimme Brow gel but at a ridiculous £18, I often look at it and truthfully wonder if my brows ever look as though they have had a high end product through them.
I was only too happy to see Rimmel had finally joined the brow bandwagon, though I daren't get too attached as I feel it may be a 'sod' to get hold of.
The colour is darker than the Benefit darkish shade, the wand is also larger, which although it applies more product to the brows it does make the job easier and quicker. It combs through the brow far easier, but if you have sparse brows this may too much for you.

I am reluctant to even bring up again my totally disappointment in the Benefit Push Up Liner (check the link if you wish to be reminded) it was rubbish.

This is an angled liner, which is a felt tip application, the colour is a strong black shade. 
I find this easier to apply, the angle helps give the perfect flick for eyes, I like the ease of the application but I still prefer a gel liner. The control with a liner brush is far easier, I find the pen gives a reasonable finish but it can be staggered, I feel I have more control with a brush. 


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