Wednesday, 15 October 2014

ByTerry Sheer Expert Foundation 

£45 - 35ml

Having one By Terry foundation in my stash which I like, it doesn't wow me but it suits my skin, lasts all day and really brightens, it actually works better as a primer for me and because I use a small amount, I can then apply another layer of a different foundation over and not feel there is too much on my face.
But, back to this, I feel By Terry products are nice but I question if they are truly worth the price or the hype, again it is often the name that hikes the price up rather than the actual quality of the products. 

I do feel the foundation I have really proves that for older skin, ByTerry know their product and for me something slightly lighter for my skin, in consistency terms was needed. 

First Impressions;

Do not let the word sheer fool you, this product applies lightly and evenly onto the skin but the coverage which appears subtle, truly gives a lovely finish to the skin which I have seen from foundations that have been thicker in consistency. Although matt it really doesn't take the natural glow from the face, it just livens the skin giving a healthy glow. 

This foundation comes in 12 shades, with a good choice of yellow and pink tones. 


For me this gives ideal coverage, it can be taken from medium to full coverage easily and not look overly caked on the skin. 
For pores this is ideal as it does smooth over, however I have recently found a high street brand foundation that is even better for pore skimming. 
I love the longevity of this product, it truly doesn't need a second glance at all, you can rely on the coverage and quality for the whole day. 
My preference for dewy looking foundations and equally dewy looking skin, this ticked the box and gave me 'the glow' without the need of too much highlighter. 

Overall a lovely product, great coverage, a nice finish to the skin and reliable for the whole day. I prefer it to my By Terry Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation (which is a far better primer). 
I will enjoying using this product but doubt a repurchase is on the cards, especially when a drugstore foundation does the same things, with better results at a great price. 


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