Sunday, 26 October 2014

Laura Mercier - bathing was never so good.

Laura Mercier
Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath
300g - £32.00

I find that people are either bath folk or not, it's a little like asking if people like Marmite - you either get an immediate repulsive look or a long description of how they eat it, on what and how thickly they spread it. 
My other half (he of the male species), believes baths are a waste of time.
For me, a bath is a luxury, it's the time I read or even watch YouTube videos carefully on my iPad.

Bath time is for my luxury products, I light candles, relax and just enjoy the time. For me a shower is about cleaning, cleansing, exfoliating and washing my hair. A bath is a treat and because of that I like nice products.

The Laura Mercier bath soak is pure luxury, it's luscious smell fills the bathroom as soon as the product drips thickly from the honey twirler into the warm running hot water creating a tub of bubble creaminess. 

The bath is creamy and rich, skin is hydrated and you are enveloped into the fragrance, texture and warmth. 
For a treat this is an uplifting, warming product, perfect for those winter evenings when hot chocolate, hot water bottles and bed socks are the must have. 

Laura Mercier do several varieties of the bath soak, for me coconut wins every time but at least you can pick the one that will make your soak one of sheer luxury and relaxation.


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