Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lorac Pro Palette


I stopped counting my collection of eye palettes a while ago, it's an addiction, so I'm not going to make myself feel guilty any longer. 

Now, here is another palette!

There has been a lot of hype about this palette and the brand itself, which is ridiculously hard to get hold of, just post a picture on Instagram and the list of people grows ever longer asking where it's from and how to get one. 
I resorted to looking at websites across the pond and it was so easy to find exactly what I was looking for. 

The palette is slimline and perfect for travelling, it has a magnetic catch, though this can easily be caught and opened. 
The colours are workable and there is something for every occasion, from natural/subtle to smokey. 
There are a selection of matte and shimmer shades, both are very creamy and smooth onto the eye lid with ease, there to stay, with no creasing. 
The matte shades range from natural base tones to a splash of colour for the lid to smokey socket definition. They also work equally well as liner for the lower and upper lid.
The shimmer shades have options to use to lift and highlight the brow bone and inner eye corner, they work beautifully as a lighting shade on the centre of the lid.
Although some of the lighter shades appear super shimmery in the palette, on application they blend down and lose there glitter ball glare. 

I like using the palette, it's safe and reliable, easy to use, great choice of colours and great pigment from all the colours. 

My ultimate question was "Is it worth the hype?"

Not being able to get hold of a product creates more need, I have bought palettes before that have been raved about and they have lived up to expectations (Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette I am looking at you). 
If you want something badly, then it's worth the hype when you get it, using it gives you a great insight of course and this is a good palette, worth flying it over the pond, but I will say, I have other palettes as good and preferred. 


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