Sunday, 19 October 2014

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation - a dream indeed!
30 - Sand

Quite simply this is a DREAM!

After a couple of weeks of use, this has fast become one of my favourite foundations and knocks the foundation socks off many a high end brand lurking in my OCD foundation drawer. 

The facts are these 
  • 100% pore less
  • Luminous
  • Air whipped formula
  • Blends & conceals
  • Light texture
  • Good coverage

For me this is one heck of a superb product, I mean bloody brilliant.

It applies beautifully to the face, you can feel the mousse, whipped formula and these always work on my over forties visage. Use whatever method takes your fancy, fingers, buffing brush, sponge, flat headed foundation, enormous headed Louise Young brush, I've tried them all and it works and works and works. 
This foundation glides across the face, evens out any blemishes, giving a lovely lightness and dewiness to the face. 


the thing I love the most, and how I love it, is that this is one of the few foundations out there that truly skips across the pores, I mean it skips, glides, skims over those pesky holes. Of course they are still there but this foundation does not take up residence within a single one. 
It is truly pore less and for any ladies out there with pores issues, this is worth a look, a purchase and you will never look back. 
The shade choice is great and though there is a rule of thumb that yellow is the only way to go with foundations, I loathe rules and for me, pink tones often work better and this is the case with this product. Although the shade I wanted, 200 Nude - appeared to have found the Bermuda Triangle on the shelves, I headed for 300 Sand, which still had a hint of pink tone but was leaning towards yellow (I forgave it).
It works perfectly, I love wearing it and it gives me the finish to my skin that the many existing foundations I had just couldn't come close to doing. 

Live the dream and buy it!!!


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