Friday, 3 October 2014


There are so many times when I see yet another lip product and think here we go again, and I did with this.
These lip products have been out a fair while, but I am rarely rushed when it comes to reviews and finally I have put my thoughts down.

Another lip product to stain the lips, packaged similar to Bourjois Rouge Edition and with the predictable choice of colours.
Did I walk by?
Did I ignore the packaging and special offer price?
What do you think?

Superdrug / Boots

First Impressions;

Nice packaging, nothing that hasn't been seen before but I like sturdy, stubby, stocky packaging. 
Lovely colour choices and yet again nothing that hasn't been seen before.
Very glossy formula with decent colour pigment which can be layered to intensify the colour results. 


Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lasting lightweight PureStainTM pigments.


Very sticky texture in appearance, applies smoothly and easily to the lips with the doe foot applicator.
The colour looks strong on application but softens down as it is worked over the lips, more can be added for a stronger look but the colour is a gloss finish and not a true colour (as a lipstick would produce). 
I liked the texture on my lips, although very glossy it doesn't feel sticky and the colour actually stays on very well, I even managed lunch and a drink with colour still left on the lips. 
I find the Revlon Moisture Stain colour far more preferable to the Bourjois rouge edition (which is a matte finish). It sits more comfortably on the lips and has a nicer look and finish, this is another product I feel could be used on the cheeks for a softer finish and colour on the face.

I will definitely will be looking at other colours in the range, currently I have Miami Fever & Shanghai Sizzle.

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