Friday, 24 October 2014



I believe this is the first tag post I have done on my blog page, usually it's YouTube tags I do on my channel - check ROUGEPOUT

I was only too happy to do this nominated tag from the lovely Lozzy Loves Lippy - (check out her informative beauty blog), she is one of beauty blogging good eggs. 

1. Favourite Lip Product - Lip balm - essential in the cold weather (Nuxe)

2. Favourite Nail Polish - Sally Hanson Pat On The Black

3. Starbucks Drink - I rarely visit Starbucks, for me I prefer Costa or Cafe Nero and then I'll have anything that has Gingerbread in the name, I am also a fan of vanilla or cinnamon - or both! Luckily a Costa is arriving in my town soon, gingerbread here I come. 

4. Autumn Candle - anything by Diptyque (I have a few)

5. Autumn Accessory - My John Rocha wool scarf and my Top Shop Ochre coat.

6. Haunted House / Haunted Hay Ride - Hay ride, although I feel staying in with the heating on would be preferable, my sense of adventure goes when it's cold. 

7. Halloween Movie - I love scary movies, so any really. Poltergeist was always the one that got watched when I was younger.

8. Favourite sweets/candy to eat - Cinder toffee, toffee apples, bonfire toffee (basically anything toffee flavoured it seems). 

9. Favourite thing about Autumn - Trees turning gorgeous colours, crunchy leaves on the floor, candles lit, woolly scarves, bed socks, hot water bottles, dark nights, hot chocolate, clocks going back an hour in the UK (extra hour in bed), fairy lights become a must around the house - although I have several that stay up all year, along book cases, in our kitchen and our office. 


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