Monday, 17 November 2014

CLARINS - Instant Concealer

Clarins Instant Concealer


Let the cover up begin!

For me this is my Indiana Jones product, it is the search for the holy grail. I have found fabulous concealers that cover (for a while), brighten but don't conceal the darkness, conceal the dark circles but make me look tired, cake and collect in my fine lines. 
So my search has now taken me to Clarins, which was fatal because they also had a rather lovely eye palette (just lock me away).

What will this do for me ?

1. Smoothing 
2. Long lasting
3. Revive tired eyes

First Impressions;

I love the size of the product, great value indeed.
The consistency is creamy with a serum texture and a pin prick of product is needed, this is super pigmented.
Brightened and concealed beautifully, I found using my ring fingers really blended and worked the product under my eye.

My Thoughts;

A product that brightens and conceals is a dream but again this can be too much of a good thing.
Even when I think I haven't applied a vast amount it can still crease and gather under my eye area, this really is a product that only a teeny tiny amount is needed.
I find the lightest colour the most suited to my skin, it brightens easily without looking white and stark, it is perfect to use to highlight areas also. Although this conceals it also brightens and  it's flat finish rather than shimmer gives you a lift to areas of the skin without the obvious glitter particles that highlighters often have.
I like it and it is one of the better concealers I have tried and I like to use it to brighten areas too,  I would re-purchase, it's also great value for the amount you have in the tube.


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