Wednesday, 12 November 2014

DiorSkin Star Studio Make-up - does it twinkle brightly?

Spf 30 / 30ml
020 Beige Clair

I am a huge fan of Dior products and though my collection is rather small, I have never used a product that has disappointed me. 
I totally adore the DiorSkin Nude foundation, again in shade 020, which corrects the skin with a lovely velvet matte finish.
So did the Dior Star Foundation shine brightly?

Product Information;

  • Dior's first brightening foundation
  • A weightless fluid intended to recreate the perfecting light of Dior's studios
  • Gives a luminous and even finish to the skin
  • The use of hollow silica beads capture and diffuse light giving a natural halo of light without shine
  • Colour filters neutralise any colour imbalance of the skin
  • With added skincare ingredients reduce the appearance of pigment spots, redness and dark areas
  • Choice of yellow and pink tones

My Thoughts; 

  • Beautifully packaged traditional looking foundation, sometimes you just need that elegant foundation bottle.
  • I always find shade 020 a perfect match, this does appear slightly darker than the same shade in the Nude foundation
  • Gorgeous lightweight texture
  • Lovely finish to the face, giving the effect of full coverage. 
  • For me this gives a beautiful finish to the skin but it does appear flat once applied, I see the light effect on the face but it appears very mask like.
  • This isn't as good as the Nude foundation and on my particularly very oily skin days, it looked very heavy (even with the light consistency) and dark toned. 
  • On not so oily days it looks ok and in many ways I have a love/hate relationship with the product.
  • It isn't a terrible product but it isn't the best I have used from Dior, for me I still prefer the fabulous Nude foundation.  


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