Tuesday, 25 November 2014

NUXE - Oil have one of those!

Having always loved facial oils it would appear obvious that a dry multi-purpose oil would be a thing of wonderful-ness. Time to find out.

I am a big believer that from little samples do big purchases grow and this is where the seed of enjoyment for this product was planted. 
A sample with My Little Box, that gave me the joy of the fragrance created when applied to my body after showering and it's glorious finish in my hair, when those pesky ends need attention. 
The only part of my body this oil hasn't reached is my face, and this is for no good reason other than I'm not certain about product that are multi-purpose should ever make it to the face. Although I have wonderful friends and beauty bloggers who rave about their skin the following morning after using this, I have still resisted. 

Let's talk body first - this creates it's own scent on the body, once applied after a shower, this dry oil absorbs into the skin and working with the natural ph levels of the body creates the warmest smelling fragrance, it is sublime. This also leaves the body super hydrated and non greasy or sticky. 

For the hair, this is only a tiny application needed to give hair moisture and take away dry ends. The lovely smell of this product just makes it a delight to use. 

Eventually it had to come and I did approach the facial matter that had me wavering. 
So, after a double cleanse, exfolaiton and hydrating spritz I dared to put the oil on my face, only a small amount is needed and it was like any good facial oil, blended and absorbed easily. This left my skin smooth and not sticky but lovely and soft. It smelt great and I didn't feel I needed anything else on my face. 
Next morning my skin was still hydrated and smooth - what was I worrying about? 

This a lovely product to buy for yourself or as a gift - dry oil perfection. 


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