Saturday, 15 November 2014


White Rabbit Comfort Cleansing Balm
100g - £12

When the subject of cleansers pops up, my ears are primed and ready, even more so when the skincare genius that is Caroline Hirons mentions a brand.

Down the rabbit hole I went and checked out Scottish brand 'White Rabbit', all handmade to order, with ingredients clearly listed on the website and packaging. 

My Thoughts;

Nicely packaged and all recyclable, also the cleansing balm comes with it's own flannel - there's no excuse not give your skin a thorough clean.
The product wasn't too hard a consistency I found, it felt grainy initially but soon smoothed beautifully on my skin and really developed into a substantial balm (less is more with this). I applied it with dry hands straight onto my face with full makeup.
I did find this super greasy and sticky which worried me but with a good flannel and thorough wiping it removed from my face, it does need work to remove it.

For me this is a beautiful smelling product and certainly does remind me of Eve Lom cleansing balm, I do prefer using it as a second cleanse product, although it did remove my makeup I feel it doesn't quite work as well for eye makeup, especially mascara (I never use waterproof). 

Do check the ingredients, if Shea butter is a worry for you this lists it first as an ingredient. I don't have a problem using Shea but I know some people do.

For my routine I don't use the product every evening, once or twice a week I give my face a massage. It isn't a cleanser that I feel I could use night after night because it is so rich and you do need to ensure you have removed every last trace.
I either use this as a first cleanse or second, if used as a second cleanse then I always use a third cleanser to ensure this is thoroughly removed.

A perfect product for massaging the face but not in my opinion one for every evening or morning.


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