Monday, 15 December 2014

AMANDA LACEY - Cleansing Pomade

Cleansing Pomade

There must be a self help group for cleanser loving people like myself, we just can't enough of balms, oils, flannels and cleansing in general. 
This has been a love of mine for many a year and though one of the higher priced skincare products, I generally only replace this once at most twice a year. 
This is my Sunday evening facial giving cleanser, the pleasure of working this into the skin and being wrapped up in the aroma of the product is pure delight. 
This cleanser, soothes, hydrates and truly cleans the skin, more than you think possible. 
My skin glows after using this and it works better and shows more results the older I get - my skin looks brighter, cleaner, fresh and smooth. There is no tightness after use and the sometimes grainy feel to the product dissolves in seconds to create a honey coloured covering of cleansing joy. 
Pomade may scare you but this is no way waxy or greasy, it is a balm, very like the Emma Hardie but it smells medicinal - I like the smell, if you've used Eve Lom then you will know the smell I mean. 

Bullet Points:

For all skin types
  • Anti-Oxidant ingredients vitamins E & D
  • Calendula Oil to soothe and exfoliate the skin
  • Balm cleanser

I will say this, order from Harvey Nichols, normally I would recommend the actual website of the genius behind a product but for the quality of the product and the cost, the Amanda Lacey .com site are a disappointment when it comes to packing their goods. Mine arrived in a box too large, shoved in with polystyrene bits (which get everywhere!) and that was it, no invoice, samples, tissue paper or
basically any effort shown in presenting the goods within. 

I know a product speaks for itself and this does ten fold, but seriously for a brand with such a high standard of products to take such little interest in the presentation of their items is truly a disgrace and it lets down the brand and the talent behind it. A little ribbon and tissue paper make all the difference, look at Aurelia and Liz Earle who care about their products, brand and customers, lack of care in packaging an item does not give me faith in the company. 

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