Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hide and Seek - conceal those dark circles with DIOR

Here I go again!

I seek it here, I seek it there, I seek a concealer that works - EVERYWHERE!

I am forever nearly there, but not quite, when it comes to concealers. Each one in it's own way offers me something, brightness, lightness, luminosity, light reflection and the almost covering of dark circles. ALMOST.......

The problem is, all concealers do their job but never to the degree I want, that is, I want my dark circles either gone, hidden, covered or what's the point ?

When I am tanned, which happens even with a slathering of SPF and hidden under parasols, my skin evens out and my circles are far less noticeable. 
I am not a fake tan person, so when I return to my standard yellow toned palour, I need help.

As I have aged, I find many concealers that certainly do the job are too drying for my eye area and sit in the fine lines. I needed a hydrating concealer and this is where Dior comes in. 

A reasonable sized product, light in texture, almost watery but hydrating. It sits lightly under the eye, blending smoothly and easily. It's light reflecting properties certainly give a brightness to the eye area. 
I find the pigment not quite as covering but I love the texture and by the end of the day, it isn't creased under my eye. 

A nice light weight product, but weak in pigmentation sadly. 


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