Sunday, 15 February 2015

TOO FACED - Better Than Sex Mascara

Firstly lets get the name of this beauty out of the way, I mean, really? 
I am sure there will be someone out there who thinks this may be worth a claim and ask the company to prove it! 

It is good, very good, but better than you know what (mouthed quietly), hmmm I'll leave that up to you to decide if you try it. 

The packaging is simple but heavy, it is weighted well and this gives control of the wand through the lashes, which I like, it is easy to really work the wand from root to tip, pulling through the lash and coating it thoroughly. 

I find this mascara perfect for my long lashes (not bragging, just blessed), it is a luscious creamy consistency that gloops out of the tube and works through lashes coating them in deep black and giving them a thickness I'm sure only false lashes can achieve. It holds the lashes and really gives them a flutter to be proud of. 

As for who will like this mascara, well, it depends on your lash needs. I'm not sure short lashed folk will find this suits, there is a lot of product on the wand and needs a good few lashes to adhere too. Having to wipe excess product from the wand beforehand I think is a waste. Fair lashed folk also may find this rather heavy going and I am thinking Liza Minnelli in 'Cabaret' is not every ones cup of tea!

I love it, would buy again and think the name should be 'Better Than', let the customer decide Too Faced. 


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