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Beauty Blogger products Zoella, Ruth Crilly, Tanya Burr & Real Techniques

I am old, in comparison to the vast amount of beauty bloggers out there, I am practically ready for the home for wizened bloggers.

Apparently because of my age, I am not to have heard of many of the bloggers, but I have. I like to keep in touch with all that involves the beauty world and age is no barrier in my mind.
Why shouldn't I want to see what Zoe Sugg has to say about life and beauty, us oldies can learn a lot.

I also like to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to the collaborations and products many of the bloggers have produced.

Ruth Crilly - model and You Tuber with a new line in dry shampoo, this is a collaboration with Co-Lab.

Firstly it's a affordable product from Superdrug and Feel Unique.

It smells lovely and freshens hair, I have the London fragrance - but there are several to choose from, there will be one out there for everybody. Like most dry shampoos it does leave white residue and yes if you hold it at arms length you can't see it but as a test I held it near and the white is there.
I like the product and the packaging but Batiste is still as good and has a great choice also of fragrances.

Tanya Burr - has a range of lashes, nail polishes and lip glosses to tempt followers and fans with. Her range can also be found at Feel Unique & Superdrug 

I have a gloss, just the one, new to the range and I love the texture, quite sticky and substantial but long lasting for a gloss. The colour is gorgeous on and I have had comments of the positive variety.
The pigment is good for a gloss and it gives pretty good colour pay back. Glosses can be hit or miss, I think there may be more to add to my collection, these are definitely a hit and the choice of colours grows.

Pixiwoo are probably one of the first You Tubers I found and watched religiously, makeup artists, teachers and very experienced in the world of beauty.

Real Techniques the brush range created by Sam and Nic are affordable brushes tools & applicators, for me these are created and developed to an extremely high standard and the best beauty blogger products out there.
The brushes are great for all ages and abilities, they are priced reasonably and most of all they wash well.
Great to use with powder or cream products as they are synthetic, they work with all makeup textures.
The new bold metals range has recently been introduced to the brand and has been developed for the more experienced makeup individual out there, though I doubt it will put people off, as yet I haven't been tempted to add to my brushes but I am sure it will happen at some point.
One thing I love about these brushes is how versatile they are, no one brush has one purpose, they all can be used for so many makeup tasks.

Real Techniques are available at Boots, Superdrug and Feel Unique 

Zoella,  created a range of bath and beauty products, available at Superdrug and Feel UniqueSomehow I managed not to buy the cute cosmetic bags, which are perfect for gifts and especially guinea pig lovers (If you don't know, Zoe has pet guinea pigs and they obviously played a part in the creation of the bags).

 I have the candle which is a cute size and is very subtle smelling, sadly too subtle, the fragrance is barely detectable and this is also what I found with the bath cube fizzers.  

Everything smells delicious, sweet, girly and uplifting, I loved the fragrance of both products but as with the candle when first lit, the bath fizzers hit the bath water the smell is fabulous, truly scrumptious but sadly the fragrance goes as quickly as it appears, there is nothing when you finally get into your bath, no smell at all.
I think the bath fizzers are a superb idea, designed like a bar of chocolate, it gives the option of how many cubes to use, or half a bar if you want. I do have a large and deep bath, so wanting to be fair I tried a different amount of fizzer cubes, even buying a second bar to use the whole thing, god it smelt good but again it evaporated to nothing. 

All the products are reasonably priced and I especially feel the Zoella range is perfectly priced for the many fans who are not going to have a vast amount of money at their disposal. Certain brands are better quality and clearly well thought through. 
I hope the Zoella range can be reformulated as the initial fragrance is lovely and the bar of bath fizzers is ingenious. 
Great priced products that stand up well to others in a similar price bracket. 

Don't knock things until you try them, it's easy to judge but these bloggers/you tubers have produced some lovely products. 


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