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BESPOKE AROMA - Skin Tonic Facial Oil

Facial Oil - Bespoke Aroma
Skin Tonic 

I am a fussy girl when it comes to skincare and although I am always grateful when approached by companies offering the opportunity to try products, it is more often than not that for various reasons I say thank you but no thank you (usually they are items that I wouldn't consider buying or using as part of my routine).

However, when the lovely Jo Evens of Bespoke Aroma contacted me and asked if I'd like to try a facial oil, well you can imagine my delight. 

I love facial oils and have a skincare drawer to prove it, I even did a video about my array of products. 
Facial oils have been a part of my routine since my very early twenties and I have continued to use varying ones over the years. For me I get better results using oils than just moisturiser and although I use a cream or lotion I notice my skin looks in better condition when I use a oil, especially now I am in my mid forties. 
It's also nice to be approached and try products from smaller brand, who offers a range of products at affordable prices with clearly listed ingredients.  This is priced at a purse happy £8.95

The Company;

Bespoke Aroma is based in the Lake District in the UK, the company specialise in hand blended natural bath and body products. The passion is for natural ingredients which they research for the beneficial results for the skin. Each oil, balm or cream can be blended to suit individuals, adding your favourite aroma or helping create a blend for a particular need. 

Twitter - @bespokearoma

My Thoughts -

A beautifully smelling oil, rich in consistency and ideal to use alone on the skin or mix with am and pm products. 
This hydrating and 100% natural oil absorbed without leaving my face feeling greasy, I found it worked particularly well when added to my daily moisturiser, giving a extra hit of hydration to my skin. 
I also used it alone after cleansing in the evening and often added a mask over the top to really boost my skin. This product works well in many combinations, a big tick for me when I can play at apothecary. 
I am really happy using this as part of my routine, it keeps my skin at a level of hydration and health that I like.  

If I blind tested this alongside some of my high end oils, it would be as good if not better than many I have tried. 

I adored the frosted glass packaging and pipette applicator, the oil is runny of course but not watery. 
I love the feel of my skin after application and would buy a bottle of this quite happily, a great priced item that gives results. 

I have my eye on the range of bath teas, check out the website, you can almost smell the essential oils. 

Ingrediants - taken from Bespoke Aroma website

Rosehip Oil – this oil supports collagen formation in the skin as well as soothing dry irritated skin
Camellia Oil – easily absorbed, rich in Vitamin A to naturally regenerate skin. High in oleic acid, it has excellent moisturising properties
Castor Oil – penetrates deep into skin and helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, helping to soften and hydrate the skin
Grapeseed Oil – a fast absorbing oil, very rich in Vitamin E making it highly moisturising
Frankincense Essential Oil – helps to tone and tighten the skin and promote regeneration of healthy skin cells
Orange Essential Oil – promotes the production of collagen and helps to soothe dry skin
Lavender Essential Oil – soothing for the skin, calming for the mind. Boosts the properties of Frankincense and Orange Essential Oils

As with any product containing essential oils, do a patch test on your skin. Non of the essential oil ingredients in this oil are known for skin irritation but it's always best to be cautious. This would apply for me to Retinol and Glycolic products also - patch test first. 

This was a sampled product, I did NOT pay for the item.
This is NOT a sponsored post, I was merely asked to give Jo my feedback on the product and was never asked to publicly review, write, speak or photograph the item for my blog or YouTube channel. 
All opinions are my own as is the decision to write about the product. 
I have and will not be receiving payment in connection with the above post. 
My opinions are always VERY honest. 


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