Friday, 20 March 2015


MY LITTLE BOX - MARCH - Superbox? 

My habit of featuring these monthly boxes on my You Tube channel has been a regular thing since I signed up happily last year. 

Unsurprisingly they have been hit and miss, and sadly more recently it's been a big fat miss on most levels. 
I ask for nothing more that the sophisticated Parisienne box from the start, each month just something chic, classy, ladylike, with oddments of stationary, a smattering of beauty products and a pretty something to make me smile.

This month I was not impressed, the whole *super* aspect had me dreading what was coming. 
I really don't need to be empowered / bolstered up as a woman, I am as happy making decisions for myself, dealing with finances, as I am cooking and cleaning because these are my choices. I do not need stickers telling me "be your own hero" screamloudlyusingrudewords 


The contents are always nicely presented and I love the ribbon tied neatly around everything. 
There was no *thought* card, these vary in sentiment but I have kept a couple, this I feel was replaced this month with stickers - Superstickers. These did nothing for me and I felt they were pointless. 

The magazine missed an opportunity, if Little Box were going down the Superwomen route, they should have presented it as a comic, it would have been novel and fun. Instead it was the same layout, Interviews, pictures, beauty advice, hair ideas, makeup looks, cookery and more quotes to bulk the magazine up. 

The beauty products rarely disappoint and generally use everything and the sizes are reasonable, this month the selection featured the new evening skincare product from Garnier - Miracle Sleeping Cream this retails in the Uk for £12.99, this was a full sized item 50ml. 

Next onto hair and Kerastase Luminous Perfecting Conditioner, 75ml - the normal 200ml size retails at £18.50 normally. This is a smooth onto ends of hair and rinse out conditioner - I look forward to trying this product, the brand has a great reputation and products I have used previously have been very good. 

Lastly it was lips and from My Little Box own beauty range (still not available to us Brits), the lip balm, a titchy little tube to hydrate the lips. Gorgeous smelling and soothing on the lips, love the packaging of this. Check out My Little Corner for the beauty products.

and finally ........... a tee shirt - which I quite liked. It's grey, I love grey but I don't like slogans, this has a slogan!

No I don't, but that bloody song with the same name has been floating round my head for days. 
If you are an airline pilot, fairy godmother or eagle eyed seagull sat watching me type, let me know your address and it's yours. If not, this one size fits all (yeah right) is going to be used beach wear. 

I am seriously thinking of ending my subscription for a time, I know the boxes will improve when I do, and the beauty products are always quite good. 
Superbox, you have me in a quandary!!!!


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