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TARTE - Tartelette Matte Eyeshadow palette

For my first outing with it felt the right time to try a little Tarte.
I had been tempted to try the blushers but eye palettes always catch my eye and I don't own that many matte palettes. So into the basket it went.......
It's a neat little thing, twelve reasonable sized pans of clay infused matte colour, varying as you would expect from neutral to darker shades, enabling lot's of makeup looks.
The palette comes with a guide to help achieve various looks and I love the Sephora site as it lists the ingredients for each colour within the palette. (thumbs up Sephora).

Initially I smeared a finger or two across the pans - great colour pay off just doing that but the colours work differently when using a brush. 
The matte colour clings to the brush, I found pushing and placing the colour on the eye worked fantasically, sweeping back and forth is not so good. 
The colours stayed put all day, I do use an eyelid primer for my greasy lids but these colours feel as though they would stay through flood and famine. 

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