Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ecotools - Skin Perfecting brush

This caught my eye on the Boots website and having read a review on this by London Beauty Queen  into the basket it went, although the brush shaft was a pleasant surprise, it certainly wasn't as pretty when I was stalking the beauty section. Ecotools have been around a fair few years and I've had brushes from them which have done their job, they are functional brushes without massive hype.

The brush has dual fibre bristles which are cruelty free, the aluminium shaft is recycled and the handle is bamboo.
Ideal for use with BB, CC creams and tinted moisturisers. Not the brush for applying foundations, especially serum based products.

Each brush comes in it's own case, I throw these away as I am a loather of stuff but they are pretty and would also make an ideal gift.

Sadly, this wasn't the brush for me, it lacked any skin perfecting qualities, the bristles are soft but scratchy and although they hold the product when placing it on the face it leaves brush marks, it just doesn't blend. I tried pressing product onto the face but again it doesn't blend, it sits in patches. I finally reached for my Sigma foundation brush to do the job properly.

Wholly disappointed with this pretty looking beauty tool, I have used it further, mousse blushers, cream blushers it can just about cope with, small areas where depth and patches kind of work. Followed with a beauty sponge and all is well.

Although not in the high-end price bracket, this was still a fair few pence for something that doesn't really work for the job intended. I can see it will eventually find it's way into my hubby's tool box, as makeup brushes are great for cleaning 'stuff' - that's where I found my YSL powder brush (not a great moment).

Ah well, it's not as though I don't have enough brushes ............


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