Saturday, 4 April 2015

MAKEUP ACADEMY have me made up with their products.

This neglected brand, and it is, had me smiling and feeling spring like when I actually took time to have a proper look at the cosmetics on offer at my local Superdrug. 

MUA is a brand that had quite a following at one point and then another brand came, it saw and it eclipsed everything in it's vicinity (no names but I predict a revolution!) 
MUA is a reasonably priced brand, definitely worth a look, the shades are breathtaking (see the blusher) and the prices are purse friendly. 

The product that caught my eye was the Elysium Eye Palette with duo eyeliner and highlighter pencil (the colours scream Naked 3 palette). Gorgeous warm pinks, purples and a grey for good measure, just beautiful.

The mixture of matte, satin, shimmer and metallic offer so many options for creating the simplest to the most sultry look you want. 
Soft and easy to blend shades, I found easy to work with, they stayed in place all day, I do always use eye lid primer but that hasn't stopped other shadows creasing, so this was a positive. 

The highlighter end of the pencil was quite hard, I always work the edge down on a new pencil, it was quite scratchy but the shade is perfect for under the brow and the waterline also - it doesn't look stark or obvious but on the waterline it was irritating when it scratched. 


This is perfection, the colour just drew me in and I had to have it. I care not if it doesn't suit me, to own something that glows brightly and stunningly is enough for me. Though the thought of applying this smoothed textured pot of loveliness makes me want tomorrow to come now (I really can't bear the thought of taking my makeup off and starting again). 
This has a sponge feel and using a stippling brush works well to load the product and apply to the face. Highly pigmented, gorgeous, bright coral shade that warms the face but gives a wild pop of brightness. I loved the texture, the shade, the pigment - it's a winner for me. 

Sweet Sheen Lip Balm

Although the testers were past their best, lets just say I was tempted to tidy them up myself - just the feel of the said testers on the back of my hand was enough for me to grab two. Although to my slight annoyance the Coral shade I loved had no stock, so peach it was. 

Lovely textured lip balms that smooth onto the lips with a hint of colour, perfect for a natural makeup day or to soften down a smokey eye look. I liked the soft textured which didn't feel sticky on the lips and stayed fairly well, even through an hour long phone call. 
Coffee however was the lip balms downfall, and I had to reapply, but we are talking £2 lip balms. 

Peach Dream was sadly far too light for me, it just wasn't my shade and sat awkwardly on the lips, the texture and everything was perfect but the shade was wrong, wrong and wrong again. The coral shade I lusted after would have been perfect, damn.

I had better luck with Rouge Rumba, a subtle red almost pink tone, nice smooth application, glossy but not sticky feel on the lips, I really liked it thought the bullet within my first application was leaning at a funny angle! 
The balm still worked, I liked it, the finish is good - it may not last a vast amount of time but it's a pretty product and I will be looking for other shades coralimcomingtogetyou


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