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MY LOTTIE LONDON - colourful doesn't cover it.

Available from Superdrug this bright, colourful, affordable range is crying out to be gifts for anyone girlie you know. They will certainly appeal to the younger beauty lovers but I never put age on anything so I decided to try a few things myself. 

Lottie London Brush Set

These delightfully coloured brushes are presented as a set but can be bought individually, there are others also to buy, so check out the brand fully. All the brushes are nylon and obviously don't have the feel of more expensive brands.

The smallest offering is this dainty pink handled angled eye liner brush, it has a short handle which for me makes application so much easier when working so closely to the eye area. There is nothing worse than having to balance Lot's of handle while working precisely. 
I loved this, it picked up powder shadow perfectly and helped to plot out areas for liquid liner. 

Next in size is the eye shadow brush, coral handle and wide headed brush, rather stiff. It is perfect for picking up powder shadow and pressing onto the lid and it works well when taking shadow under the eye. 

This gorgeous daffodil coloured brush is for blending, only it isn't. I found it far too stiff and blending was not it's strong point, it was scratchy and created lines of colour. It does have a perfect use thought, placing colour in the crease and working the socket line, this is where the harshness of the brush works in it's favour and keeps the colour and shape precise.

This large flat headed foundation brush was firstly one of my favourite looking brushes from the set, mint green and a great domed wide brush head - lovely. As ever it's purpose isn't what I use it for, it works reasonably well to apply foundation but it does leave streaks and certain watery foundations just aren't meant for this. It is wonderful for contouring, it gives a subtle placing of powder or mousse bronzer below the cheek bones, I like the sharpness of the line and using an angled Zoeva brush, the colour is easily blended out. 

Baby Blue for the massive powder brush, it works superbly, holding powder and with ease I could press loose or pressed powder onto my face. If you prefer sweeping powder, this is the brush for you. 

Lottie London - Tress Ties -

The alternative to hair bands, which often become entwined in my hair and call for scissors to release them!
I also lose hair bands, where do they go? I have a theory they live with the 'Other sock' that always goes missing from the washing machine. 
Loved how colourful these are, soft and certainly no snagging potential. They don't hold my hair as tight as ordinary bands but that I feel is good thing. 

Lottie London - Nail Polish - Selfie
                                                          icon - oholic

What a choice Lottie London has for you in the nail polish side of the brand, some are really wow shades, perfect for the spring and summer and a rather winter lurking shade of deep blue. 
I chose a red shade, no surprise there and a pink! (it screamed Spring, and I was at my most Spring colour obsessed at that point). 
Good colour pigment, you can get away with one coat, though I preferred two. The colour does chip fairly easily, but so do most when I'm cleaning floors etc. 
Removing the colour is often where I notice the difference between high end and drugstore, lower cost varnishes often smear as they are removed and cling to the skin surrounding the nail, where more expensive ranges, the colour lifts from the nail leaving no residue at all. This does leave a trace of colour, I remove colour from my nails and then go back over the whole area and this works, lifting all stains from the nail and skin. I do use a base coat, I recommend this if you wear polish most days as I do. 

The Lottie London range I really like, I love the look and feel of the brand. It's bright, affordable and easily accessible. 

See the range in the flesh as part of my recent haul video Lottie London


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