Monday, 6 April 2015


Spring has sprung in my lipstick collection

I am often stopped in my tracks by colour, it can be a door to a house, flowers, clothing and of course makeup.
I once bought a pair of the most uncomfortable shoes from Hobbs because the colour was divine, I wore them twice and from then on displayed them for years in my bedroom, until they faded and lost their magic. 

Lipsticks are often the products that give me a colour rush and because it is mostly the reds that really make me need them I am happy - I adore red but you guessed that from my blog name, didn't you? 

With Spring hitting the Uk in name only, because the weather is certainly not spring like (rain, wind and more rain as I am typing this)I had an urge to have brightness in my life, evicted to the back of my makeup drawers were my dark burgundy, dark matte reds and into my still rather full drawers I needed red, coral and a hint of pink. 

Firstly MACa browse on their website introduced me to the divine Toledo collection, I fell instantly for a red, a blue red (it had my name on it) actually it had VICTORIANA on it but you catch my drift. 
This is perfection in bullet format, one of the best blue reds I have seen in an age, matte finish without being too dry on the lips. Gives superb finish when applied from the bullet and looks great when applied with fingers to give a smudged subtle look. I adore everything about this, the packaging is an added delight. 

Now this little beauty from Maybelline has taunted me for months. I saw a picture on the brand page on Instagram of this and immediately searched for it, no surprises that it hadn't yet been launched in the UK.
It made such an impact that the name and colour stayed with me and when I was browsing (secretly shopping) on the Superdrug website, there it was Maybelline Superstay Lipstick in burst of coral
This gorgeous textured lipstick is pink, it hasn't a hint of coral, pure pink.  
I suspected this may be a let down and it was ...... the colour was never going to be coral, wishing it to be stunning on my lips, it was pink and the worse kind of pink for me / blue pink. It looked terrible sadly and not a colour I could blend with something else to take the tone down, the blue is strong through this shade. 
I will look at further colours but this little lippy dream was shattered. 

Thank goodness all was well with my next choice and it's the very impressive range from Makeup Academy or MUA if you're up with the lingo.  (get me!)
The shade below is Coral Reef and what a beauty this Mua Lip Sheen is. 
For £2, you get the results I would expect from middle range to high end beauty products. The packaging is simple and nicely presented, the sheen is a subtle hint of colour, just enough to be effective without being overpowering. The product is smooth on the lips, non drying and not sticky. 
Will definitely be adding to my collection.

It's time to head back to Mac and this time lip liner territory, it's been a few years since I applied liner and before this purchase my grand total was one liner - from Mac actually in the shade cherry
This purchase came about after seeing the beautiful beauty editor of Glamour magazine Alessandra Steinherr sporting this on her Instagram page. In my beauty counter days, I was a huge fan of wearing only pencil, it lasted, it gave a matte finish (obviously) and it was a change from layers of lippy. 

Lip liner is a great option if you find lipstick wears off very quickly, using a liner as a base really holds the colour in place when applied. I personally find liner can be very drying if worn day after day but occasionally it works well. 
Applying liner over lipstick also gives a long lasting finish and a different look to lipstick. 

This beautiful colour is the right shade of coral, not too red, pink or peach, it has a little of everything and it works on its own to perfection. The pencil needs working down slightly before using, a sharp edge just drags on the lips. I apply roughly to the centre of the lips and then work on the outer lip, tidying as I go until my full lip is covered, I always have a little blend with my finger, I loathe hard edges. 

Quite simply - I love this liner. 

As you read this I am still springing at spring shades and having to properly control myself, I do not need any more lipsticks for at least a year!


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