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If like me you've become one of the many who have signed up for a monthly beauty box and after a few months found yourself underwhelmed with the selection landing at your door, I may have found the solution.

Latest In Beauty is a interesting site when the thought of signing up for a monthly beauty box is not your thing. With this you can make a choice of boxes you like, each one is clearly pictured and all the products are shown, so you know exactly what you are getting. 
There is no subscription fee, so if the boxes aren't to your liking at any point, you are not obligated to have one. Also you can choose from 6 very different boxes, there is something for everyone (options or box choice and price are listed below. 


The dream box is in collaboration with beauty blogger, you tuber, tweeter and journalist Jane Cunningham, a lovely lady, who replied to questions and has a great sense of humour, essential in the world of overpriced pots of grease. 
All products are tried and recommended by her, many of the brands also offer discounts etc and these are listed in the information booklet within the box. 
These boxes are great opportunity to try sample and full sizes at a great price before committing to paying the full price. 

I plumped for the dream box, with 16 varying in size beauty products, as all products are listed on the website, I knew exactly what I was getting. There was a varied choice in the box, ranging from a full sized Salon Science hair smoothing serum, to another full sized skincare product from Nuxe, mixed were sample sized products of colour, skin and body. I adored a sea kelp soap in a gorgeous teal tin from The Scottish Fine soap company, I think I actually loved the tin more than the soap (don't judge me). 
A full sized Makeup Revolution fluid blusher in the amazing shade of Pink Sea I am excited to try as I have read some positive reviews, although it is without doubt a total dupe for the fabulous Daniel Sandler watercolour blush. 
A miniature pot of Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser was hidden away, I have a large version that I am currently using and it's the first product from the range that I am rather liking. I will be keeping the titchy version for holidays. 
A stunning purple eye pencil with a blender at the opposite end was welcome, I adore purple and this is one beautifully soft textured pencil. I have never heard of the brand but Eye Of Horus sounded the perfect name to me. 
Another welcome offering was a hand cream from one of the best selling brands stocked by Boots - Hand Chemistry, again, another brand I am unfamiliar with but have high hopes in it's soothing and moisturising properties. 
Protective lip balms, nail polishes times two, body lotions, fragrance samples, self tan, eye makeup remover and tattoos added to the crammed box of goodies. 

For me this was a perfect option, there were certain products I wouldn't use (3 to be honest) the rest I was very pleased with. My only other negative is the colour choices can be varied, so you may not always get the colour featured in the picture.
I will certainly be keeping my eye on the Latest In Beauty website for more choices when new boxes are launched. 

I will definitely use this website again, it was safe and delivery was four days after my order. If they have a box or boxes to suit me, then I'll order again and the option of making my own box up really appeals also. 

The 6 options of boxes :

* Beauty Bible Loves, linked with the Beauty Bible books and the authors Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey.
£19.95 including p&p

*His and Hers - 14.95 including p&p / 14 products for you both

*Dream Box ||| - all products are tried, tested and approved by beauty blogger and journalist Jane Cunningham, aka British Beauty Blogger. 
£21.95 including p&p

*Glamour Spring Box - in collaboration with Glamour magazine and products picked by the magazine beauty editor. 
£16.99 worth £99!

*Capital Box - in connection with Capital Radio FM  who ask the stars who visit them the products they can't live without. 
£14.95 this includes the postage. 

*Build Your Own box - firstly fill in questionnaire about your hair, skin and products likes. Then choose from purse friendly priced mini editions of products.

This is NOT a sponsored post.


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